Launching a Startup mobile App in Australia? How hard can it *really* be?? Day 2.33333 Report

WP_000416It’s Saturday and am officially taking my own advice and taking the day off to spend the day with my son doing all kinds of fun things like going to the movies (we saw the Smurf movie in 3D and it was actually quite funny!), going to a park, having a picnic & chasing bubbles around the backyard! Perfect really! Smile 

OK, so that said, while the fun was taking place, my developer has come back with some interesting suggestions around how iPhone apps can’t ship without an offline mode, and whether we should include the entire initial park list as a file downloaded with the app or just parts of it. He also suggested some clever ideas around letting people rate the location without having to create accounts & logging in! Working with smart people is once again proving a smart move!! Taking time to step away from the project is also meaning I have some time to think about these ideas….

So, turns out, day off or not…. as was expected – as I spent time with my son, I still thought a lot about the app idea/design/marketing/functionality – and as my son & I visited a park on the sparkly Sydney harbour this wonderful sunny afternoon in Sydney I wished I had a way to take a picture, share it & rate the amazing park we were in!

Maybe next weekend I can! Smile