Liberation Day!!

It’s true! The rumors I heard a while back have been confirmed… Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is coming to Australia!!

Not only is he going to be here – but he is also going to be hosting a Live Web Rally! The Event is going to be held on the 6th of November and promises to be filled with great content rolling on from the PDC event held the week before as well as providing some insight into the vision Microsoft has for the future.


Also featured will be Gianpaolo Carraro, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation, discussing Microsoft’s vision for cloud computing and how its various components come together, with a great range of demos. On the Client side, Tim Sneath, Director, Microsoft Corporation, will be demonstrating technologies that work hand in hand with Cloud services to liberate you to build the applications you dream of – for Windows or the Web.

The concept of Software + Services is going to change the way we work, the way we think about data, the tools we use & the way we interact with providers. I am so fascinated by what impact this is going to have - it is the main thing I wanted to get to PDC to hear all about. This local event (which will also be Live streamed) is a fantastic opportunity to hear about it first hand and it is not to be missed!