Listen To: Frankly Speaking Podcasts

Over the last week or two, I have had the pleasure of being invited to the Frankly Speaking Podcasts. Frankly Speaking is a topical podcast run by two of my team mates, Micheal Kordahi & Andrew Coates. They discuss what's happenning in Tech This week.

The first one I got to sit  in on last week featured Nick Homes a Court CEO of BizSpark Partner BuzzNumbers:

Although I was actually sitting in on this one – I had to be really quiet <- quite a feat for me! Smile

Fortunately, the next time I got to visit the Studio, I was actually a guest presenter! During this first Birthday episode, we chatted about Kinect, Halo, and the art of Story telling. I really enjoyed being part of the podcast, and who knows…. I may even get invited back in future episodes! Smile

If you listen to Frankly Speaking, fill out the Survey to give Michael & Andrew feedback & go in the running to win a Kinect: