Select XRM where X = Council

There has been a lot of information around the XRM concept in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM quarters recently. Initially there was a great Post & Interview with Ross Dembecki explaining what XRM meant & detailing the value of XRM to partners, next out of WPC came this awesome video that really gave the term XRM some context.

Now this week, we have had the results of a joint project between Local Dynamics Partnersbawbaw Corporate Strategic Systems & JayThom working with the local Microsoft Consulting Services team in developing the CouncilRM™ system for Baw-Baw Council featured as a case study on the Dynamics CRM Site:

The solution, called CouncilRM™, is founded on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. It brings together constituent request management data with information about properties, roads and council assets to provide a complete picture of constituents and their interactions. Using familiar tools in Microsoft® Office Outlook®, council workers can view constituent contact details and manage requests, emails, appointments and tasks associated with them, simplifying the way they work and helping them respond more efficiently to constituent requests

This is a fantastic real world example of where the Dynamics CRM platform was utilised to develop an XRM solution, specific to the Councils requirements – with over 85% of the base requirements already existing within the out of the box system – and so only 15% of the requirements had to be customised – instead of an entire system being built from scratch. This is what XRM is all about!

Even better, it is now a Solution that is available to other Australian Local Councils. I hope mine gets it - I hate calling them for anything!!