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One of my favorite Women In Technology, Asli Bilgin has just announced a new site: SlingAlibi (can you work out what that’s an anagram for??) Now of course there’s an associated Twitter account you can follow for good measure:

The goal of the site is to empower people with technology and is geared to anyone who has a passion for enhancing your personal and professional life with software development. There is content for both the experienced and the newcomer.  These audiences include girls and women in technology, non for profits, and start-up entrepreneurial developers who are looking for events, resources and role models to help enhance their personal and professional lives with the power of the Microsoft development platform. 

The reason I am so intrigued by this site is that most of the technical content is geared towards answering the question "Why Do I?", as this question is seldom answered in favor of the "How Do I?".

That said, there will be how-to's included, but this site aims to focus more on the rationale behind choosing one technology or technique over another, ideally demonstrating business or personal value in your world.

Kicking off with a bang, there are already multiple series geared towards a variety of audiences:

  • For the newcomer to .NET both clip_image001New2.NET (5) and clip_image001[1]Windows Live Tips (2) will present technology with context. So instead of hearing “How Do I” you will hear “Why Do I”
  • For the seasoned web developer looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest platform enhancements in Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, Windows 7, and ASP.NET 4.0 we have clip_image001[2]ASP.NET Tips (8)
  • For girls and women looking for technical resources we have the seriesclip_image001[3]WIT - What's What (2) and for those looking for role models, we plan to highlight and surface leaders within the Women in Technology industry through clip_image001[4]WIT - Who's Who (1)
  • looking to build a “store” to sell their handmade items online like an or, we bring you clip_image001[5]So Long eBay and Thanks for the f.i.s.h. (2) This series will walk through the end to end software development life cycle to build an inventory management and commerce engine to auction items online.
  • For techie travelers, both theclip_image001[6]Jetsetters Tech Tip (1) and clip_image001[7]Windows Live Tips (2) series will provide a host of recommendations to build a Software + Services mesh that follows you wherever you go.
  • For startups who want to enhance their online web presence we share the stories of hosting, custom blog engines, search engine optimization, social networking optimization clip_image001[8]Blogging 101 - Behind the Scenes at SlingAlibi (2)  and for those entrepreneurial types who would like to learn how to leverage the resources of large enterprises to achieve their goals, we share the story of the LEGO and  Microsoft partnership with the story of the programclip_image001[9]WomenBuild (2).
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