Upcoming CRM Usergroup Topics

I don't mean to gloat – but well, I cant help it! We really so have some fantastic sessions coming up in the next few months at the Sydney CRM usergroup and you really should make sure you register & come along!

24th February 2009

Title: How To Build A Kick Arse Startup on CRM 4.0

Come and listen to Chris Auld from Sunny New Zealand as he talks about how he built a successful startup business on Microsoft CRM 4.0.

Chris and his friends started MedRecruit.com from scratch in late 2006. Since then it has grown to a multi-million dollar business and it’s been nominated for a bunch of technical and business awards in New Zealand. Chris will talk about how they’ve combined the power of ASP.NET with an efficient CRM based back end to enable a really efficient and profitable business model.

This session will touch on a bit of everything, from Customer Portals  to business models to CRM Workflows.

We will also have Bill Altmann chatting about form based JavaScript, and if we get time, we will cover the Enterprise Search Accelerator.


24th March 2009

Understanding Titan

Go behind the scenes of the Titan Project (aka. CRM 4.0) with Microsoft’s Philip Richardson as he shares the strategy, motivations, process and architecture behind the product. The content of the session will be aimed at both End Users and Developers.


Philip Richardson was a Senior Program Manager Lead on CRM 4.0. He now works on the Azure Services Platform (.NET Services). He is one of the co-authors of Programming Dynamics CRM 4.0 (MS Press).


28th April 2009

Taming the Import Wizard Beast: Save Time Importing Data

Learn some of the tricks in using the Import Wizard from importing multilingual data through to how to clean your data for efficient imports. While very useful and powerful, the import wizard has some pitfalls for the uninitiated, some of which will be addressed in the 20 minute presentation. The presentation will be aimed at end users and implementers.


Leon Tribe is a CRM consultant who has been working with CRM systems for 10 years and with Dynamics CRM since 1.0 beta. Leon was originally a quantum physicist but finds the problems of businesses much more challenging than the problems of the universe.

Lets go Virtual!

Even more excitingly, we are going to be one of the first usergroups to GO VIRTUAL! using Live Meeting and a Microsoft Round Table device to broadcast & record them so if you cant make it to the session in person, you can either tune in, or watch it back later! Links will be posted on the www.mscrm.com.au site for you to lock in shortly.