Yet Another Dynamics Session at Tech Ed Australia!

Just thought I would share the good news that in addition to the 7 sessions we had locked in already, we just received confirmation of yet another Dynamics Session at Tech Ed Australia, bringing our total to 8 Dynamics sessions! :)

DYN330 SharePoint Strategies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Presenter: Jian Sun

Wed 9/9 | 17:00-18:15

In this session, we will take the SharePoint "feature pie" apart, look hard at each one of them; Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Content Management, Portal and Collaboration etc. Explore how each of these can be leveraged to add values to organizations' Line of Business applications built on xRM. Technically, this will touch on all the existing integration points MSCRM has with SharePoint, like; Enterprise Search Accelerator for Enterprise Search, Document Library for content management and collaboration, CRM webparts and BDC List Webparts for Portal, Surfacing Analytics Accelerators' reports, dashboards, cube data through SharePoint for Business Intelligence.

Its also worth checking out the agenda again as session times are starting to be updated as well!