Contacting the CE Net Bloggers

The CENet bloggers have received a number of requests for help for various Windows CE issues.  Most of those questions are considerably outside our area of expertise which means that unfortunately that we're not able to help.

We welcome questions and comments on blog posts that we make and also for suggestions regarding future blog posts.  For other technical support issues not relating to areas we've blogged about, your best bet is to check out, search the web, or visit one of the CE related newsgroups.  We have a very active newsgroup community which is pretty good at answering questions.

The newsgroups that I (JSpaith) personally follow are:


Added 12/5/05 PM - Please note that when you give us feedback in the blog, it will not display back to you on the web page because we've enabled moderation.  Due to some "quirks" in the blog hosting software, we don't get immediate notification of when someone gives us feedback which is why we may seem slow in responding to it sometimes.  We try to check every few days however.

Added 1/16/06 - If you have a Platform Builder 5.0 license, you get 2 free support requests.  Check out

[Author: John Spaith]