Corrections to CE RTC 1.5 documentation on MSDN

There has been several documentation errors related to RTC 1.5 on MSDN. Here are a few of them:


Issue 1:


The following page mentions that RTC 1.5 supports multi party audio/video and application sessions. This is incorrect. RTC 1.5 does not support multi-party audio/video and application sessions. It supports only single party sessions. RTC 1.5 does not support Video communication at all.

Issue 2:

This page is confusing and it simply re-enlists all enumeration changes in RTC, between CE 4.2 and CE 5.0


Issue 3:


This page shows a list of RTC version releases in various CE releases. This page does contain CE 6.0 and the corresponding RTC 1.5 release in CE 6.0.


Issue 4:

This page is incomplete in its contents. It is supposed to enlist all RTC registries but it does not. (Please wait for my next blog which will list all RTC registries)


Issue 5:


The title of this section is confusing. There is no such thing called “Extensibility APIs” in RTC. This section is supposed to list all new interfaces added in RTC 1.5. This section does not list all the new interfaces that were added. I or my team members will slowly blog all the interfaces that were added in RTC 1.5 and are not listed in this section, until MSDN content is updated.


Issue 6:


The RTC API reference in CE 6.0 does not contain all the interfaces that were added in RTC 1.5. Some of the interfaces that were added in RTC 15, are listed at



Issue 7:


This section contains a page on traversing UPNP based NATs ( However, RTC 1.5 removed support for UPNP based NATs. Instead, it enhanced it’s port manager APIs and also added support for symmetric UDP/TCP to better traversal of NATs.


Issue 8:

This page needs to be updated to reflect the latest port manager interfaces in RTC 1.5


Issue 9:

The Voice performance section is outdated. The new media stack in RTC 1.5 does not rely on audio driver firing interrupts, whenever an audio capture packet is available. Instead the media stack now polls if an audio capture packet is available. RTC media stack checks if WHDR_DONE is set for any submitted capture wave headers.


Issue 10:

This page compares Windows Client RTC with Window CE RTC. This page needs to be updated as CE has released RTC 1.5, whereas Windows Client has not.


Issue 11:

This page content is supposed to provide information on Session Types that RTC supports. The Session Type column in the table does not list proper Session types. Please see Windows Client’s Session Information for correct information:


Issue 12:

The following catalog items for RTC are not supported in Windows CE 6.0




Also, SYSGEN_VOIP_MEDIA is not user settable. It gets set, when SYSGEN_VOIP is set.

SYSGEN_VOIP_SIGNALING should be used instead of SYSGEN_VOIP, if user intends to use only the signaling portion of RTC (rtcdll.dll) and disable RTC’s media stack and deselect RTC’s media stack dll. (rtcdllmedia.dll)