MEDC 2007 and Location Talk

MEDC is the Mobile and Embedded DevCon.  The US version will by May 1-3 this year in Las Vegas.  I thought about trying to sell it some in this blog, but the official site does a much better job.  I went to one of these back in '04 (it had a different name then).  I got a lot out of it getting to interact with the folks actually using our software and I hope our customers got a lot out of it too.

I will be going to this MEDC to give a presentation on getting your location at the platform layer on Windows CE.  The sessions are listed here, mine is called "Beyond Maps with Windows® Embedded CE Platform."

My talk is pretty simple:
* Problems with apps accessing location in the past, with GPS as the case study.  Understanding the history actually is helpful.
* Introduction to GPSID
* Introduction to Location Framework

It won't be a marketing pitch about how cool location is going to be, but instead a pretty deep technical dive.  I'll have demos of actually writing apps to use GPSID and Location Framework during the talk to show how easily it is (hopefully) and prove to the world I haven't forgotten how to program quite yet :).

In addition to location, I have pretty deep technical knowledge of services and middleware on CE and I'm the dev lead for VOIP (which doesn't mean I have deep technical knowledge of it though :().  I'll be hanging around the conference and would love to talk to as many folks face-to-face to answer your questions and understand any problems you have with CE.  I don't even know what day I'm speaking so my schedule is up in the air, but I'll announce on the blog once I know as well as times I'll definitely be hanging around the Q&A booths they have setup.

I've got a chance to work with and learn from a lot of you folks over the blog and newsgroups.  I really am looking forward to getting to be under the same roof with you finally!

[Author: John Spaith]