Old Man Spaith is out of ideas

I just checked out the blog and realized it's been ~1.5 months since the last post, which is lame.  I have a dilemna since I've run out of tricks/advice that I think are useful, for now at least.  I can either write nothing or do something random, like put up a picture of my dog, Daisy.  It never would've occurred to me to do this, even in desperation for posts, on what I think of as a work-blog until I checked out the main feed at blogs.msdn.com.  I was amazed at the number of personal, totally random, stuff up there.

My compromise is that I'll just link to pictures of Daisy rather than wasting bandwidth for people here for work.  So check out Daisy Spaith on my Toastmasters blog, www.mySpaith.com.  (I guess given MS investment in Facebook I should've named SpaithBook, but I put it up before that and mySpaith is better anyway.)

I wish I could say we had made CE networking technologies so easy and awesome for our developers that we could turn the CENet blog into the "dogs of the CE Networking team" site.  We know we're not there yet.  Please keep the questions coming in the newsgroups and we'll do our best to help.  Thanks for your continued support through the years.  I'll try to come up with better stuff so we can avoid the self-indulgent posts like this I promise.

-- Old Man Spaith (just turned 31, it's down hill from here)