Services.exe white paper on Windows CE

I started this blog initially because I had written a white paper about services.exe that had never seen the light of day, being lost in docs world limbo.  Just when I was about to post the white paper here, the docs team put some people on it.  We've got it cleaned up extensively and posted on MSDN.  As you'll see compared to my posts in this blog that don't go through their review, the docs team's standards are a lot higher than mine.  For instance, they insist on spelling words correctly and using proper grammar.

In the article I try and provide motivation for services.exe on CE, discuss what's going on under the covers, and have a sample service that shows off some of the bells and whistles of services.exe.  I know the first feedback I'll get is that the carriage returns on longer lines in the C code leave much to be desired (my fault for not playing by MSDN's rules).  I'm looking into getting it this fixed in a future update.


[Author: John Spaith]