Why did GPSID premier on Windows Mobile 5? Can I get it for CE 5.0?

A number of Platform Builder/general embedded customers have asked me why GPSID wasn't available on Windows CE 5.0, but instead on Windows Mobile 5.  The answer is timing.  If we had had GPSID ready for CE 5.0, we would have shipped it then.  There's nothing special about WM5 other than that it released post CE 5.0.  I'm on the networking team (no clue how GPSID ownership maps to a networking guy :)) which ships almost all of our components to both general embedded and Windows Mobile.

So GPSID will be available in CE 6.0.  Unfortunately we are not able to support back-porting it to CE 5.0 or previous releases of the OS..

[Author: John Spaith]