Why doesn't Windows CE ASP support Server.CreateObject?

WinCE's ASP is a pretty good approximation of the key functionality of the desktop ASP (or at least as of ASP on IIS4, when CE ASP was implemented).  One thing a lot of folks have issues with is that CE ASP doesn't have Server.CreateObject ().  They think this means they can't create ActiveX objects in their ASP scripts, which makes ASP pretty useless.  Well we have good news for you - there's a super-easy workaround!

There was some reason IIS needed the Server.CreateObject() rather than letting people create ActiveX objects directly using the vbscript/jscript language constructs.  This doesn't apply on WinCE, which is why we never bothered doing Server.CreateObject().  Instead you should use the language constructs (i.e. new ActiveXObject("class.name")) to do this.

Check out official docs on this at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/wceasp/html/_wcesdk_Server_Object_Implementation.asp.