Little Blessings

It’s nice to talk about things other than technology.

A few weeks ago my wife, Laura, and I went home to visit my family.  We ended up finding four puppies in the woods.  Between the four of them they easily had 200 ticks and so many flees it looked like their skin was crawling.  It was apparent they had been in the woods for a while.  They were all very malnourished.  One of the females in particular probably would not have made it more than a day or two.  Fortunately, the people at Jackson Square Animal Clinic in Oak Ridge, TN took excellent care of them and they began to perk up a few hours later with the help of my family.

We found homes for all but one.  So Laura and I felt like the final one would fit in great with our family.  My niece, Hannah, wanted to name Spotty.  My nephew, Hayden, couldn’t remember ‘Spotty’ so he called him Polka dot.  When we renamed him to Banjo, Hayden called him Alphabet.

So we decided his full name will be Banjo Alphabet Polka Dot Greene.