Vulcan Lesson 2: Editing XML files

XML files are the input of Vulcan. You can choose your own favorite XML editor to work with them.

To save time in editing, it’s strongly suggested to set the correct schema file for these XML files.

For example, if you’re using Visual Studio, open the “Properties” Window of the current XML file, and click on the button in “Schemas” field. Then you can add vulcan2.xsd and other Vulcan schema files in the namespace of and

These schema files are located in the xsd folder of your copy of Vulcan. You can easily find them to finish your schema setting, but to avoid issues, you should never change these schemas.

Once this is done, you’ll find the editor now is more convenient than before. It’ll prompt you possible element name or attribute values, and remind you for typos, such as wrong names or values.

It is also a good way to get familiar with Vulcan features.

If you start writing an XML file from scratch, the following lines are the minimum you need to create a simple outline:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<Vulcan xmlns="">



When you try to insert element into <Vulcan> element, the editor will give you quite a few choices, such as Dimensions/Dimension, Packages/Package, Connections/Connection. These keywords will be explained in details in the following lessons.