How good is WCF, really?

Some of you may have already seen this article, but I just came across it yesterday.  Even though WCF has been out for a few years now, many are just now approaching it with real interest.  Whether you are cautious, your organization just approved .Net 3.0 as a standard, or you just got a gig with a company that is actually up on the current technology set, this article is just for you.

Essentially, it compares the efficacy under various loads of services.  Think WCF, Enterprise Services, Classic ASMX, Remoting.  There are various situations where WCF does not perform as well as these technologies, but 95% of the time it flat out makes them look slow.  WCF is the future, and is what Microsoft is making serious investments in.  Everything else is in a holding pattern.  An excerpt from the article:

To summarize the results, WCF is 25%—50% faster than ASP.NET Web Services, and approximately 25% faster than .NET Remoting. Comparison with .NET Enterprise Service is load dependant, as in one case WCF is nearly 100% faster but in another scenario it is nearly 25% slower. For WSE 2.0/3.0 implementations, migrating them to WCF will obviously provide the most significant performance gains of almost 4x.