MSDN and Technet are Virtualized!

On Tuesday, at the Ft. Lauderdale launch event, I was asked about how well MOSS would do under virtualization.  My comment was this, just about as well as any other server would do on the Microsoft platform.  Probably pretty well, since its just ASP.Net and SQL server at the core.  Well, I didnt realize that with the new HyperVisor (Hyper-V) technology included in Windows Server 2008 that it could truly be to the scale that it would take to run a top internet site.  I think I probably suspected it could, but I am not sure how much I believed it!

 Well, I come to find out that MSDN and Technet have been running on this technolgy for weeks now.  I havent noticed a difference, have you?  Here is the official announcement:

"MSDN and TechNet are full virtualized right now with Hyper-V, and we had a dramatic cost savings when we went and did the virtualization of these very high volume Web sites within Microsoft. Of course, we'll be deploying it throughout our datacenters both for our internal IT as well as for our external facing properties in the coming months." - Remarks by Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President, Server and Tools Business Las Vegas, April 29, 2008