SP2 Rollback requires complete reinstallation

With the releast of SP2 for Sql 2005, a customer asked me today what they need to consider as a rollback plan when applying SP2 to an existing Sql 2005 instance. The answer is outlined in the ReadMe file for the Sql 2005 SP2 release - snipped and pasted blow for information:

 1.3 Uninstalling SQL Server 2005 SP2

  Once SQL Server 2005 SP2 has been applied, it cannot be removed without uninstalling the entire product.

  To remove SP2 and revert to the previous version of SQL Server 2005
  Using Add or Remove Programs, uninstall the instance of SQL Server 2005 .

  Reinstall SQL Server 2005.

  Apply any hotfixes that were previously installed.

   Additional steps are required to revert to the previous version of SQL Server 2005. For more information, see the SP2 Setup documentation. 

Just something you may want to be aware of...here is a link to the entire SP2 readme:


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