Installing SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2012 fails during prerequisite install phase.

This is just a quick note to all those early adopters who want to be on the bleeding edge of our products. I was trying to build my lab out using the RTM bits of Windows 2012, SQL 2012 and SharePoint 2013 when I hit this stumbling block described here:


So why am I posting this? Well, the steps in the KB are correct but depending on your situation, you may need a bit more information still.


When I ran the second powershell command to install all the features, it kept getting hung at 68% and the error was that it couldn't download the required files. I needed to specify a -source path to the command.

To my confusion, what path should I be telling it? I already had the DVD of Server 2012 in the drive...well, here's what I figured out.


The source path needs to be to the .\source\sxs directory of the install media for the OS.


Once I specified that location, install completed successfully for all the IIS components - so now I wait for the reboot and try the prerequisite installer once more.


Happy SharePointing. :)