Reporting Services LogViewer Tool

Reporting Services LogViewer Tool Sample is developed in Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in Visual C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

The sample demonstrates how to read and analyze the Reporting Services trace logs and the Report Server execution log data. The sample does the following:

  • Trace logs record report execution activity and the environment variables that are in effect during report processing. Errors and exceptions are also entered into trace logs. The sample helps us identify the frequency of the errors and exceptions logged in the trace logs.
  • Provide tips to fix any errors logged in Logfiles.
  • Describe the ExecutionLog columns, with tips on how to interpret values.
  • Interpret the ExecutionLog2.AdditionalInfo and some interesting pieces of information it provides.
  • Provide tips to analyze ExecutionLog2 information.
  • Provide tips to optimize reports.

You can download this tool from:

Note: Supported DateTime format is MM/DD/YYYY from the SSRS Logfiles. This is how generally data is written to the SSRS Log files by default. If somehow you are trying to change the format of the DateTime to something else, the application will not be able to read the logs.

Any feedback/suggestions/comments regarding this tool is highly appreciated!!