Windows Azure SQL Reporting: ReportViewer-SOAP API usage sample is available on CodeGallery

SQL Reporting ReportViewer-SOAP API usage sample is available on CodeGallery. This sample demonstrate how to embed a Microsoft ReportViewer control that points to reports hosted on SQL Reporting report servers and how to use SQL Reporting SOAP APIs in your Windows Azure Web application.

The sample has two projects:

  • "SOAP Management” demonstrates how to connect to the SOAP endpoint of an SQL Reporting instance and perform management tasks. The SQL Reporting SOAP API provides several Web service endpoints for developing custom reporting solutions. The management functionality is exposed through theReportService2005 Namespace andReportService2010 Namespace endpoints. For the list of unsupported SOAP APIs in SQL Reporting, seeGuidelines and Limitations for Windows Azure SQL Reporting.
  • "ReportViewer Remote Mode" demonstrates how to host a SQL Reporting report in ReportViewer, running in Windows Azure. The ReportViewer controls manage the authentication cookie, making your tasks easier. To display reports deployed to a SQL Reporting report server in the ReportViewer controls, you supply the report server URL and the report path as you would for any server report, and implement the IReportServerCredentials interface and use it in ServerReport.ReportServerCredentials.

This sample is provided for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be used in a production environment and have not been tested in a production environment.

Download the sample from here.

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