Preview the new avatar of (MSN Homepage)

I am very happy to note that the preview of the newly redesigned and revamped MSN Homepage ( with a host of brand new features and functionality has gone live. Some of key upgrades that regulars to the MSN homepage will immediate recognize are the new page theme, the new tabbed interface which nicely collects news and articles based on their category (tab), an enhanced slideshow, a brand new top level navigation interface and last but definitely not the least - social networking services integration and local editions (local news, events, and content) .

The preview site is a culmination of tremendous efforts by the engineering team (developers, testers and program managers), the design team and the business team who have spent countless hours the past few months in making sure we drive the best features out for our users. A lot of other richer features are underway and will be announced in due course – checkout the MSN blog periodically to be updated.

Making a grand entry on the new MSN Homepage is the integration with social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and our own Windows Live. If you are signed into your Hotmail account then you will automatically see the most recent posts from your Windows Live contacts on the Windows Live tab. Similarly, once you switch to the Facebook (or Twitter) tab you will be able to login to your Facebook (or Twitter) account and then authorize MSN Homepage to access your News Feed (or tweets). This authorization is a one time activity that a user has to perform. 

Once the authorization process is completed the seamless integration of your ‘social network activity streams’ with the new MSN homepage will provide a quick snapshot of activities posted to your three accounts (Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter) – on the go right there on the MSN homepage – saving you the time and hassle of signing into 3 separate services for checking whatsup in your social circle. Also coupled with the fact that, you can quickly check your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox on the homepage, and search for a topic of your interest on the Bing search bar is reason sufficient enough to make MSN your homepage.  

Click here to join and become a fan of MSN on Facebook and send your feedback and comments to us. Leave a comment on this blog if you have any feedback that will help the us (the Homepage engineering team).

Here is a quick rundown of the new features in pictures -  Go ahead and as the Xbox team would say – Jump in - 

Brand new page color theme and navigation UIimage Tabbed Interface – clean, categorized, uncluttered UIimageSocial Networking Services Integration – Hello Facebook & Twitter! image

Expanded and Enhanced Slideshow – quick look at the hours top headlines and articlesimage

Local Editions Providing real-time local weather, news and events – for your area.



Windows Live Hotmail Inbox Previewimage