SharePoint 2013 Web Analytics Report - Where is it?

I get lots of questions regarding Web Analytics and its report in SharePoint 2013. As you know that for SharePoint 2013 Analytics processing is no longer a separate service but is now a component of the Search service. You can find the details behind this change in this TechNet Article under the section Web Analytics in SharePoint Server 2010.

When you go to Usage Analytics page you will see this message;
A web analytics report is not available for this site. Usage processing may be disabled on this server or the usage data for this site has not been processed yet



From SQL profiler trace you can see this message “You can only specify the READPAST lock in the READ COMMITTED or REPEATABLE READ isolation levels

Due to less than optimal performance running service at scale in large enterprises, web analytics has been discontinued and is not available in SharePoint 2013. Having said that, you can still view some analytics capabilities for e.g. Most Popular Items, Popularity Trends.. report for a specific item/site/sitecollection level - View usage reports in SharePoint Server 2013.


If you are looking for more advanced Web Analytic capabilities then you will have to integrate a 3rd party web analytics solution with SharePoint 2013.