Encarta Blog is up and running!

The Encarta Team blog is now up and running with it's very first post. Take a look here!

The IE Team blog is currently the best team blog I've read, but I hope our Encarta blog is ultimately of similar quality.

BTW- Reading the IE blog it really came in handy today. I got to teach myself how to use the Fiddler powertool during an internal MSN Encarta bugbash of the MSN Encarta Beta website. It's one of the best testing tools I've ever used- I was able to throw a host of bad inputs into some of our Edit boxes, watch how the inputs are handled by the server, and then "fiddle" with the data at various times during a communication to see how extensive error handling is implemented.

I didn't find any bugs using the Fiddler in my first attempts, but I'm sure it'll help me find some issues in the future.