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It looks like I've been linked from the Technical Careers @ Microsoft blog. Thanks for the link, Gretchen and Zoe! I've been reading their blog since its inception (which is probably about a full week : ). They've already posted some invaluable inside information about the recruiting process at Microsoft. A must read for anyone interested in applying for a Microsoft job!

Gretchen brings up a great blogging idea:

One thing I'd like to see Greg cover is discussion of testing methodologies and industry standards. While there is no single "Microsoft way" to test a product, our approach across teams is relatively similar, and some product groups are leading the industry in new techniques. 

I'd definitely like to touch on this in the future. There are definitely some core traits that tie together all the Microsft Test teams. Each product team has a very strict security guideline, for instance. With millions of lines of code running on millions of computers, each test team is constantly training our eyes to find security issues like buffer overflows, cross site scripting attacks, and SQL injection. We literally assume that our code is constantly under attack. Chances are, it is!

The also point out another interesting blog from a Microsoft PM, Josh Ledgard. It has some great information about testing software- take a look!

Technical Careers at Microsoft:

Josh Ledgard: