Testing at Microsoft...


It looks like I’m the latest Microsoftie to jump onto the blogging scene. It’s really growing fast here in Redmond (and elsewhere!).

I’ve got all kinds of ideas to discuss in this blog, such as:

  •  What is like to have a career as Microsoft Software Test Engineer (STE)?
  •  What kinds of skills are important to be a successful STE?
  •  Where is the industry heading, and how does that affect software development?
  •  What do we do for fun? (We love our work, but we love to play hard as well!)
  •  And, any subject you’d like covered!

I’ve been a Software Test Engineer on the Encarta Reference Library team since graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Spring of 2002. As you might expect, I’m enthusiastic about all kinds of technology, including Microsoft, Development and Testing methodologies, and anything “cutting edge” in the computer industry. I’m also fluent in some areas that may be surprising, including free/open source software. I consider myself an experienced Linux user (yes, really :-). I also play a mean game of nethack!

In short, I have a million ideas to blog about. Let me know if there’s anything that you’d like to hear discussed in this blog- I look forward to reading your comments!