How to configure Customer and Orders Manager to not require HTTPS

By default the Commerce Server 2007 Customer and Orders Manager requires that the connections to the Orders and Profiles web services be over HTTPS. This can be changed to allow it to work over HTTP instead.  This is not the recommended method to use as you should always use HTTPS to ensure data is secure but can be useful in development and test senarios where HTTPS communications are not readily available.

To change the requirement that the Customer and Orders Manager allow HTTP for connectivity to the Profiles and Orders Web Services follow these steps:

> Close Customer and Orders Manager

> Navigate to the <drvie>:\Program Files\Microsoft Commerce Server 2007\Business User Applications\ directory.

> Open the file "CustomerandOrdersManager.exe.config" in NotePad or some other text based editor.

> Find this entry in the file under the <applicationsettings> section:

          <setting name="AllowHTTP" serializeAs="String">



> Change this entry as shown below:

          <setting name="AllowHTTP" serializeAs="String">



> Save the file

You can now enter standard HTTP connection strings for the Orders and Profiles Web Services URLs.