How to increase the number of days CSS keeps event information

By default Commerce Server Staging will maintain 3 days worth of event data in its database. This is the data that is viewed in the reports for such items as when a project was ran and completed.

To increase the nubmer of days that event reporting data will be kept use the steps below.

Using Regedit.exe go to the key below:


Look for the value shown below and select it for editing:


The data value is store as a dword but in the value editor switch from hexadecimal to decimal to set the number of days you want to keep data for.

Valid values range from 1 - 999 but do keep in mind that choosing a high number of days on a server that is performing a large number of replications will cause the database file size to grow larger. And since the database that is used an Access database, if the file size starts getting to large it will effect the performance of logging event data and thusly slow the performance of the staging service. I would typically recommend that you not set the number higher than 31 days which is roughly a months worth of data.

Once you have saved your change you will need to restart the Commerce Server Staging service so that the new value will be read.