Increase file upload size to install SharePoint 2010 Productivity Hub SP1

I needed to take a look at the Productivity Hub 2010 SP1 for SharePoint 2010 so it was time to actually install it. After downloading the files and readying my SharePoint 2010 farm for the installation following the steps in the installation guide I started the install script. I chose to have the main install script install of the content packs. All was looking good until I noticed that a few or the content packs were generating errors that they were not present or invalid. One of the content packs reporting this error was the Access content pack so I tried to install in manually to see what I got.


When running the content pack install script on the Access_2010.xml file I got the error that the file was to large to be uploaded. Interesting since nothing in the main part of the installation guide mentioned needing to increase the file upload size. In reading to the bottom of the installation guide I found the section "Unable to upload large files to the Productivity Hub" with some code to add to the web.config file. I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 for my farm so I took the approach to go into Central Administration and increase the maximum file upload size at the web application level. After an increase to 250MB I was able to run the install script and have it complete with no errors.