Upgrading from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition

Commerce Server 2007 supports the process of "upgrading" from the Standard edition to the Enterprise edition.  This is a true statement but I wanted to clarify what is meant by the use of the term "upgrade". 

When you perform an upgrade from the standard edition to the enterprise edition you can't simply insert the cd-rom and run setup and the upgrade happens.  You have to first uninstall standard edition and then install enterprise edition.  The steps listed below outline the general guidelines and steps that you will go through when performing the upgrade.

  • Backup all existing Commerce databases.
    • You should have up-to-date backups of the MSCS_Admin, Direct Mailer and all site specific databases. The upgrade should not cause any harm to the databases during the upgrade process but it is better to be safe.
  • Package existing site and/or make a copy of all site content.
  • Uninstall Commerce Server 2007 Standard Edition. You do not need to uninstall the Business Management Tools.
  • Install Commerce Server 2007 Enterprise Edition.
    • At the end of the install uncheck the box to launch the Commerce Server 2007 Configuration Wizard so that it does not start.
  • Install Commerce Server 2007 Service Pack 1 if it was installed previously to the Standard edition installation.
  • Manually run the Commerce Server 2007 Configuration Wizard and follow the steps pointing to the existing databases.

At this point you should now be running Commerce Server 2007 Enterprise Edition and when you review your deployment in Commerce Server Manager you should see all of you existing Commerce sites and applications.

Also, the above steps would be the process you would follow for upgrading from Developer edition to Enterprise edition. When moving site from Developer edition to Standard edition as there is not a direct upgrade path for this, you will want to remove any references in your configuration to Data Warehouse as those features are not supported in Standard edition and then pack the site and then unpack the site on the new Standard edition install.