ConfigMgr 2007 2012 SQL Query to get a list of all Collections with Maintenance Windows with details


While there are some good PowerShell scripts and tools out there for Maintenance Windows, maybe you just want to use a simple query to get the details you would like to know.

How many Maintenance Windows are in your environment, what collections have them and what is the details?


Perform a simple SQL Query against the ConfigMgr 2012 DB to return a list of all Maintenance Windows with some good details

  • Open the SQL Manager
  • Expand the Databases
  • Select the ConfigMgr DB

  • Click New Query
  • Run the following query

 The results show you the following data:

  •  "Collection" name
  • The Maintenance Window "Description"
  • The Maintenance Window "Start Time"
  • The Maintenance Window "Duration"

This will list this data for all Maintenance Windows you have in your ConfigMgr 2012 Environment.