8 Minute Demo – KINECTing Runbooks (Just for Fun!)

Good Evening Readers/Viewers!

I have a very special, “Just for Fun” addition to the “8-Minute-Demo” Video Series tonight…

In this video, I create and execute a very simple Orchestrator Runbook, without touching the keyboard! You heard me right, no keyboard OR mouse.

How did I do this?

Well, with a bit of help from existing example projects created using the KINECT for Windows SDK Beta, I was able to create a simplistic “app” which not only displays the KINECT “Skeleton”, but also tracks movement in the right and left hands to determine mouse events (movement and click). Leveraging this NUI, I was able to [slowly] create a simple runbook with ONLY hand and arm gestures.

I would like to thank my “stunt double” for all his hard work (pictured below waving hello). :)


REMINDER - This approach to runbook creation is completely impractical for day-to-day Runbook design. Mouse and keyboard usage are still the only supported method for creating Orchestrator runbooks.

If you are curious, I used a mix of the following KINECT examples to throw this “app” together: