8 Minute Demo – Runbook Designer Zoom!

Good Evening Readers/Viewers!

Tonight, from the road, we have a very different “8-Minute-Demo”. In fact, it may be the only “8-Minute-Demo” that is shorter than 8 minutes. :)

The fact of the matter is, this topic is really not that complex, it is just simple “quirky” functionality I recently found within the Runbook Designer (and OIS Client as it transcends versions).

Anyway, are you tired of squinting at your “Expanded” windows within the GUI? Maybe you copy/paste your scripts, code or commands from the GUI to Notepad at a bigger font? Well do I have a treat for you!

Many of the windows within the Runbook Designer / OIS Client actually have the ability to ZOOM.

Video Demonstration:

The keystrokes required:

Hold the “Ctrl” button and Scroll your mouse’s “Scroll” or “Wheel” button.

“Ctrl” button (on keyboard):

“Scroll” or “Wheel” button (on mouse):