8 Minute Demo – SC2012 Orchestrator - Policy to Runbook Migration Tips

Hello Readers and Viewers!

Again, it has been a while, but I hope to make it up to you with an extra-special (and extra-long) “8 Minute Demo” Video!

This one is warm off the heels (okay, cold off the heels) of MMS 2012, where I presented and demonstrated some Policy to Runbook Migration Tips…

I did my best to pair that MMS 2012 session down into something quick and easy to watch, but this video still has a duration of 00:58:41! I do believe it is worth your time, especially if you have an OIS to SC2012 Orchestrator migration project on the horizon. Either way, this video will take you through the various tips, tricks and what to look out for when migrating from Opalis Integration Server to System Center 2012 Orchestrator.

As an added bonus, I spend a portion of the nearly one-hour video discussing some of the new features in SC2012 Orchestrator. These new features include: Encrypted Variables, Invoke Runbook from the Runbook Tester, Invoke Runbook Security Credentials, Password Protected Exports and the new IIS Silverlight based Orchestration Console!

On to the show!

The following is a “jump list” of sorts for the various “chapters” in this video:

  • 00:00:00 Introduction, Agenda, etc.
  • 00:03:00 Migration Tips Presentation Begins (PowerPoint)
  • 00:12:41 Migration Tips Demonstration Begins (Live Demo)
  • 00:47:18 New Feature Discussion Begins (Live Demo)

If you are looking for the runbook examples referenced during the video, look no further, here they are: SC2012 Solution Runbook Examples!

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