OIS - Start Policies using PowerShell (right now!)

Good morning readers/viewers!

Many of you have seen a preview of SC Orchestrator’s new PowerShell provider. That new functionality will allow you to invoke runbooks from a simple to use PS command line. As that feature/functionality is still a bit away, I have something else to preset to you today. The best part is, you can download and use it RIGHT NOW!

Its creator is Jeff Fanjoy (of the acclaimed and highly popular Integration Pack for Microsoft SharePoint). I want to extend a special thanks to him once again for spending his valuable time on these types of community projects.

Simply Awesome.

Anyway, enough of all that, if you are interested the link to the CodePlex Project is here:

OpalisStartPolicy Windows PowerShell Script 1.00

The only requirement for this script is to have a Running and Functional OIS Operator Console (current JBoss version). This PoweShell Script simply connects to the existing Web Service (provided by the Operator Console).

The following is an example of its usage:

Step 1: Figure out which policy you want to trigger via PowerShell

Step 2: Execute the .\OpalisStartPolicy.ps1 Script File and follow the prompts

Step 3: Check the execution results

You do not have to execute the .\OpalisStartPolicy.ps1 line by line, you can script the entire experience as well.

Here is the same example from above, just scripted into one command:

.\OpalisStartPolicy.ps1 -server localhost -port 5314 -username Administrator -policy "1.0 - Basic Demos\1.0
- The Basics\Trigger via PowerShell" -parameters "Details=These are the details!,Summary=This is the summary!"

If you leave off the "-password" parameter, you will be prompted for it. You have the option to enter a clear text or secure password in the scripted command. To script with a secure password, simply use a secure string and the –spassword parameter.

However you use this PowerShell Script…