SC2012 Solution Runbook Examples

Hello Readers and Viewers!

The long awaited and highly anticipated SC2012 Solution Runbook Examples are here!

I mentioned them yesterday during my first Instructor-Led Lab @ MMS 2012, and now they are available here, from my blog and CodePlex.

If you happen to be attending MMS 2012, be sure to stop by the Hands-On Lab stations to take the following Orchestrator Labs (URLs require MMS Login) :

NOTE: SD-L306 has the environment, instructions and this export of runbook examples so that you can get live hands-on experience with integrating System Center 2012!

If you are not attending MMS 2012, don’t fret, this export of example runbooks will work just fine in your RTM System Center 2012 environment - just be sure to have all the Integration Packs for System Center 2012 components registered and deployed before importing (instructions available throughout lab manual SD-L306  – this link does not require an MMS Login).

For more information about this example runbook export, please refer to this recap from the CodePlex release notes:

“This export includes runbook examples for each of the System Center 2012 components, plus a few generic administrative task runbooks to round things out.

There are 43 different runbooks (master and sub-routine) each tied to a specific global configuration for their respective SC2012 component. You should be able to simply import, reconfigure the global configurations to fit your environment and go. And while they do not solve for any specific solution, they do provide simple example usages of each of the SC2012 component IPs (with many of the activities from each IP leveraged).

Much of the effort put in to these example runbooks was related to input and output mechanisms, leveraging the “Initiate Data” and “Send Platform Event” activities… this way each of these runbooks can be initiated via the Orchestration Console, by each other, or from an external program/web service (to include via Service Manager Connector).

NOTE: These runbooks were built in and are intended to be used with the RTM version of Orchestrator and SC2012 Integration Packs for Orchestrator.”