Charlie Calvert's Technical Blog Index

This is index to the various technical posts I have created for this blog. As I add to each section, I will update this page.

At this time I have two series of posts going, one on LINQ, and one on generics. I intend to keep working on both sections, and to add to the general posts.

Other C# related links.

Code Climber: Generics

  1. A Touch of Generics in the Morning
  2. Generic Methods Parts II
  3. Generic Methods Part III
  4. Code Climber: Delegates

The LINQ Farm Posts

The LINQ Resource Index: Links to LINQ. A brief rumination on LINQ.

If you are moving from the May CTP to Orcas, you might find this post on the API's that have changed helpful.

  1. LINQ for Beginners
  2. Query Expressions
  3. Query Operators
  4. Using Distinct
  5. Focus on Grouping
  6. LINQ Sets
  7. Connecting to a Database with LINQ to SQL
  8. LINQ and Simplicity
  9. LINQ Farm: One to Many and Joins with LINQ to SQL
  10. LINQ Farm: Querying a Collection of Integers
  11. LINQ and Deferred Execution Video
  12. Understanding the DataContext
  13. LINQ and Deferred Execution
  14. Anonymous Types in Query Expressions
  15. Expression Tree Basics
  16. TerraServer Sample: A LINQ Provider
  17. Partial Methods
  18. Connect to a SQL Database and Use the LINQ to SQL Designer

LINQ Farm Videos

  1. LINQ to SQL Beginners Video
  2. LINQ Farm: Videos on One-to-Many Relationships and Joins
  3. LINQ Farm: LINQ To Sql Beginners Video
  4. Video with Peter Hallam: Automatic Properties
  5. LINQ to SQL Pipeline Video with Luca Bolognese and Matt Warren
  1. Anders on LINQ and Functional Programming
  2. Anders on Ask the Experts, Jan 17, 2007
  3. Anders on LINQ from 2005
  4. Anders on LINQ from the LANG.NET Conference
  5. Anders Hejlsberg Talks about LINQ at Mix
  6. Anders Chatting about LINQ and ADO.NET
  7. Anders, Herb Sutter, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman on Software Composability
  8. Anders with Chris McConnell
  9. Eric Lippert on Type Inference
  10. Peter Hallam on Automatic Properties
  11. Performance Issues in Visual Studio (Anson Horton, C# PM, only tangentially related to LINQ)
  12. Luca Bolognese (Lead PM, C# Team) on "What's New in the May LINQ Preview"
  13. C# PM's Karen Liu and DJ Park on the C# IDE, LAF, and support for LINQ.
  14. An Interview with Wes Dyer (Download)
  15. Raj Pai, C# GPM, on the C# Team
  16. Intro Available for Luca's Tech-Ed Talk


Silverlight Controls and a Touch of LINQ in Orcas Beta 1

Silverlight and C# in Orcas Beta 1


  1. Formatting Code in Orcas
  2. DLINQ Data Types and Functions
  3. Mapping Draft Specification

C# General Posts

  1. Optimizing C# String Performance
  2. Snippets 'n XML
  3. WPF XAML Projects in Visual Studio

Install Issues

  1. Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and May LINQ CTP

Database Posts

  1. Connecting to Northwind
  2. Connect to a SQL Database and Use the LINQ to SQL Designer

Visual Studio Tools of Office

  1. Controlling Outlook 2007 with C# and Visual Studio Tools for Office