Community Convergence XIX

Welcome to the nineteenth Community Convergence. I'm Charlie Calvert, the C# Community PM, and this is where I publish information about the C# community and the C# development team.

We have a new video by C# compiler maven Wes Dyer. Wes works with us here on the C# team and spends his days crafting the compiler code that will execute when you call LINQ API's.

Figure 1: Wes Dyer talks about LINQ queries.

In the last month or two Wes has written a series of posts on LINQ queries. Much of that information is recapped in this excellent video.

Wes starts out by talking about the basics of LINQ queries. After laying the ground work, he uses the white board to give a very lucid explanation of delayed or "lazy" execution in LINQ. He winds up with some theorizing on the significance of functional programming.

What's Hot from the C# Team

  • Anders Hejlsberg joins Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman and Herb Sutter for an entertaining and fascinating discussion of functional programming and software composability. These are some of the best minds in the software industry. It is very illuminating to watch them sit together in one room and talk about the future of programming.
  • Mike Hopcroft continues his amazing series on Home Automation. This remarkable in depth post focuses on regular expressions.
  • Mads Torgersen is a fellow PM who has an extraordinary understanding of the theoretical side of C#. In his amazing new post he explains how LINQ has helped bring functional programming to the world of C# development.
  • Eric Lippert weighs in with Part III of his must read series on Lambdas and Anonymous Methods.
  • Don't miss Wes Dyer on Thinking Functionally.
  • Wes Dyer on how functional programming can make development easier.

What's Hot in the C# World


  • The Orcas January CTP gives you an inside look at the latest in C# development.
  • ASP.NET Ajax version 1.0 ships.

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