Community Convergence XLVIII

Welcome to the 48th Community Convergence. The C# team continues to work hard to get out the next version of C#, and to add improvements to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE. Working long, fruitful hours on these rainy Washington State January days and nights, the engineers on our team are doing a great job putting together a set of features that will improve both C#, and the experience C# developers have in the Visual Studio IDE. They are also working to lay the foundation for some big improvements which you will see only after the next version of C# ships.

To keep up with the team's plans, you should:

  1. Continue to follow LINQ
  2. Learn about the Dynamic Features planned for Visual Studio 2010
  3. Learn about the Code Focused IDE features planned for Visual Studio 2010

Here are a few listings that will help you gain deeper insight into all of these important technology:


Sam Ng

Luca Bolognese

Eric Lippert

Kirill Osenkov


Matt Warren



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