Future Focus: Searching and Navigating to Symbols

C++ PM Boris Jabes has added to our series of articles on features that are being considered for the next version of Visual Studio. In his post, Boris describes a proposed feature that will allow users to "find and navigate to a specific location in their solution." Boris explains that users can type in a string and the IDE will return a list of matching results drawn from the "symbol definitions and files in a solution." The feature is also designed to allow users to explore a solution by posing a potentially vaguely worded query and seeing a set of related results. This new search feature is not language specific, and hence can at least potentially be of use to all developers who use Visual Studio, regardless of whether they implement their programs in C++, C#, Visual Basic, or some other language.

Please take a look at this new Future Focus posting, and provide us with your feedback. Let us know if you think the feature is useful, if you think it is implemented properly, and if you have any suggestions as to how it can be improved. Future Focus articles are posted in Code Gallery, and space is provided there for you to comment on the proposed feature.


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