Tech Days Canada 2009 Call for Speakers

Peter Ritchie has posted about the upcoming Tech Days Conference in Canada, stating that you can contact him or Justice Gray about speaking slots in the Developer Foundations tracks if you are interested in the Vancouver or Toronto sessions. Click these links to Tweet @PeterRichie or @JusticeGray. Of course, you might just want to attend the conference, which is very reasonably priced, so that you can learn more about various Microsoft technologies.

When and Where is Tech Days?

I list the locations below. For those who, like me, need a little Canadian geography refresher course, the conference locations are shown on the map, appearing from left to right, that is, from Vancouver on the west coast to Halifax on the east coast. Click the map to get more details on the locations.

  • Vancouver is September 14-15
  • Calgary Nov 17-18
  • Winnipeg Dec 15-16
  • Toronto is September 29-30
  • Ottawa Dec 9-10
  • Montreal Dec 2-3
  • Halifax Nov 2-3


Figure 1: Learn more about the locations by clicking the picture.

Tracks and Sessions

The tracks at the conferences include

  • Developing for the Microsoft Based Platform
  • Developer Fundamentals and Best Practices
  • Windows Client
  • Servers, Security and Management
  • Communication and Collaboration

Learn more about the tracks and sessions.

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