Windows Live Platform @ ReMIX Boston

I'm really excited about participating in the upcoming ReMIX event in Boston. I'm especially fond of Boston, as I lived there during most of the '80s. (I first moved there to attend New England Conservatory as a violin major. I ended up quitting violin, but I moved next door - literally! - to Northeastern University, where I graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Math. Lots of great memories!)

Anyway, I'll be presenting two sessions on the Windows Live Platform. In the first session, Exploring User Experiences Built on the Windows Live Platform, I'll run through examples of sites that are built on Windows Live Platform offerings. In the second session, Lap Around the Windows Live Platform, I'll walk through the specific APIs and controls.


For more info on the conference, check out And be sure to check out the discount code posted by Bob in this blog entry. 

Hope to see you there!