Day 1 of Strategic Marketing and eMarketing in the Chemical Industry Conference

I was in Atlanta today for day 1 of the Strategic Marketing and eMarketing in the Chemical Industry conference organized by Jacob Fleming.  This is the first year for the conference in the US.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but we listened to a fantastic set of speakers today.  We heard a lot of case studies on how chemical companies are using eMarketing in their business.  The stories ranged from using eMarketing to change-the-game, to using it as part of an integrated campaign to drive results.  The best aspect of the conference were the detailed stories the speakers were willing to share about their experiences.  I learned a lot about how eMarketing is viewed, how it is applied, and the approaches for measuring the effectiveness.

I had an afternoon speaking slot, but changed my approach from my previous post.  I decided that the best, most relevant thing I could share was my own eMarketing experiences in building out the chemical vertical.  I hope the group found it useful.  I found it a better way to introduce myself to the community rather than talk about our strategy and value prop for the chemical industry.  There will always be time for that!

I look forward to another great day tomorrow.

If anyone from the conference is checking out the blog, thank you for visiting.