International Specialty Products Grows Customer Relationships

We released a case study in the middle of February about International Specialty Products migration of their customer-facing web site to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Commerce Server 2007.  These two products make up our primary customer-facing platform for both unstructured content management as well as structured data.  ISP is using Commerce Server for handling all of their product and pricing (ie...structured) information, while they are using SharePoint for all of their web content and unstructured data like product brochures and other selling materials...all of this in a very seamless and integrated experience for their customers.

The case study is written from the point-of-view of their experience at our Microsoft Technology Centers.  We have 8 MTCs in the US, and 8 more around the rest of the world.  They are a great resource for customers who want to do some envisioning (we call this a strategy briefing), host an architectural design session, or do a deeper proof of concept.

ISP began with an architectural design session to talk through the capabilities of the new versions of products, as well as sketch out what they currently had, and what a migration would look like.  They followed that up with a week-long proof-of-concept.

I have hosted three different customers at MTCs over the last six weeks - and all three customers had very positive experiences.  It is a great resource when you are embarking on a significant project, or a project using some of the newer technologies your team isn't comfortable with.

Back to ISP...the case study says they were launching the new site in February, 2008.  I was poking around and believe they have launched (I'd have to confirm for sure), but it looks like the latest version.  Take a look for yourself.