LaFarge case study on Simplifying Branch Office IT Management with Windows Server 2008

This scenario comes up quite a bit in the chemical industry - IT management of remote offices where the number of people in the office is low.  We recently released a case study with LaFarge North America on how they approached this challenge using Windows Server 2008.  LaFarge NA is a leading construction materials supplier in the US and Canada, and they have 1,000 locations - 600 of them with less than 10 people.

They took an interesting approach to network security in the branch offices by using freed-up servers from their data center consolidation, and deploying server-core and a read-only domain controller for the branch offices.  The server core can run on these "old" (3-years old) servers deployed out to the branches.  This creativity is going to save them $400K over 3-years.  Not too shabby.

If you have a similar scenario in your environment - take a look at the case study.