Monsanto Enhances Collaboration with Cisco, Microsoft Technologies

We published another case study on Monsanto's collaboration environment while I was away from the office.  Monsanto has previously published a case study and video on its use of enterprise search using SharePoint and Unified Communications.  The newest case study is a fairly technical look at how Monsanto is using Cisco's Wide Area Application Services to help with productivity and bandwidth in Monsanto's many remote sites.  This is a common architectural decision that needs to be made in chemical and agriculture companies...supporting remote sites with limited bandwidth connectivity.

I thought the most interesting part of the case study is around the use case I've extracted below...Monsanto's people using it to collect, analyze and report on critical data from the growing seasons.  Here is the excerpt, but please visit the full case study for details:

Ziha notes that WAN optimization and application acceleration are mission-critical for aspects of Monsanto business operations. During growing season—which can occur two or three times a year in temperate zones—researchers collect and store many gigabytes of data about crop production. Then research teams in St. Louis pull in all of this data for analysis so they can recommend which seed lines to promote to the next level of manufacturing. Once an analysis is complete, the Monsanto employees in the remote sites need to quickly retrieve the reports over the network to make their decisions within a few days.

Once again, thank you to the folks at Monsanto for their willingness to share their success with our platform and our partner solutions.