Podcasting Kit for SharePoint Released to CodePlex

We released the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint to our CodePlex site this week.  I've seen a growing interest in implementing social media scenarios internally for chemical companies to encourage peer-sharing of best practices.  This project was born out of an internal intiative around the same concept - a way to allow people within the company to share information in a much richer way than in the past.  It runs on top of Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007.

For those not familiar with projects we deliver on CodePlex, this Podcasting Kit is available free (you need to own SharePoint and all the dependent technology, of course), delivered with source code, and is supported by the community.  Think of it as an accelerator to jump start your social media scenarios whether they are around eLearning.

There are many scenarios where this approach could have value - engineering best practices (here's how to fix 'x'), R&D sharing, vendor collaboration, general business scenarios.

Take a look at the site for full details.  The team posted a slide-deck, demo, FAQ, history of the project, roadmap - basically all the information you need to know to get started.