Price Management Office Business Application (OBA) - Reference Application Pack

Back in May, we posted a new Office Business Application (OBA) Reference Application Pack for Price Management.  I've talked to quite a few customers about it already and I've had some questions about where to find it.  You can grab it off of our MSDN site by clicking here.

Price management is a big value lever in the chemical industry, especially around the discipline of making sure the latest pricing rules are in the hands of the sales team.  Also, the ability to create quotes whether online or offline is a big need as well, and this reference application pack shows you how to do it using our platform.

Speaking of platform, this application pack leverages our latest technology stack including SharePoint 2007, Office 2007, Windows Workflow Foundation, Visual Studio Tools for Office and BizTalk for ERP integration.  It's also handy for those developers and IT professionals in chemical companies who are adopting SharePoint 2007 and Office 2007 and want to showcase a relevant scenario around workflow and the power of the platform.

Check it out and send me your thoughts.

Responding to Marc's previous post.  The storm he mentioned woke me up about 6am with a huge crash of lightning near my hotel room on W58th street - not the wake up call I had hoped for.  Strangely enough, I didn't realize the transit problems it had caused until I checked into LaGuardia later that morning.  The taxi driver told me he was taking me a different way and to "trust him" - which I did - I never realized the flooding on some of the streets and on the rails and subways until I saw it on TV waiting for my flight.  To echo Marc, I hope our fellow travelers returned safely with little disruption.

Brian Willson

Chemical Team