The Social Media for Scientists Conversation Continues…

Okay, I’ve learned not to drift away from the blog for too long as conversations roll on without me.  David Bradley posted a nice follow-up piece on social media for scientists that is creating some good discussion.

In the comments, David Crotty pointed me to a nice post from Richard Gayle titled “What Scientists are we talking about?” which refers back to a Michael Neilsen paper that, among other things, highlights that 70% of scientists are in the business sector.

The point is made that any social media or networking effort is missing the boat if it isn’t targeting the business sector scientists.

I commented back on David’s that the biggest hurdle I see is companies not allowing access – either by policy or by technology – to social networking sites.

Would love to see a chemical information technology professional point-of-view on this.  Go join David’s conversation here.

David, thanks for the mention of my blog in your post.